Mixed Signal Design Engineer

Werner Fochler began his career in 1993 at MDE International (now Kett Engineering) in Burton MI, a company that provided test services for car and truck manufacturers.  His initial work installing data acquisition equipment into the company test fleet soon led to opportunities in designing custom hardware.  This included fabricating PCBs and enclosures and designing cable assemblies for installation, as well as creating all the necessary documentation.

After moving to Arizona, Werner took a position at PRA Inc in Scottsdale in early 1994.  This was a major turning point, as it was a small company that gave him opportunities to develop a diverse skillset.  During his time there, he contributed R&D work to the oscillator and crystal test systems that were the company’s main focus, developing test fixtures and debugging new designs.  In addition, Werner played a key role in initial development of a fire retardant drop control system for Marsh Aviation, a system which was later used by aircraft to fight the large refinery fire in Turkey in 1999.  In particular, he wrote microcontoller assembly code running in the various hardware modules, contributed software to the main controller unit, and installed the prototypes at Marsh Aviation in Mesa AZ, performing numerous ground tests along with Marsh Aviation personnel.

In 1998, Werner left PRA to join Radyne Corp, at the time a leading supplier of satellite communications ground equipment.  At Radyne, not only did he get the opportunity to help develop a variety of new products, but more importantly was lucky enough to establish friendships that continue to this day.  His work there covered all phases of new product development, from initial component research and schematic design through prototype bring-up and release to production.  When Radyne was acquired by a competitor in 2008, most of the engineering team was brought over to the new company.  There, Werner continued to hone his skills in satellite modem hardware design and continued to be involved in every stage of product development.