At LIB SRC INC we specialize in creating end to end systems that combine the right hardware, software, and signal processing to provide a more effective solution to a problem than could be achieved otherwise. We are a group of communication and electronic warfare system engineers that are working to shape the future of these industries.

Electronic Warfare Systems Design

Pods, System Integrations, DRFMs, RADAR, Direction finding

Communication Systems Design

Geosynchronous satellite system designs, waveform and modem design.

Microwave Design

Microwave signal processing, electromagnetic simulation, and microwave module design.


Heterodyne, direct sampling, and high throughput millimeter wave LOS system

Radiohead Design

Direction finding and Radar warning receiver radiohead design

Semiconductor Device Physics Modeling

Semiconductor device fabrication, modeling, and operation, radiation effects, TID, SEE/SEU/SEL